Digital Pigment Prints

We are happy to add digital pigment printing to our lab services using our Epson SureColor P7000 printer. We can offer our clients prints as large as 20" wide by however long with a wide variety of different paper choices to please everyone.

                                                               Print Ready         Image Adjustment

5x7                                                           $15.00                      +$10.00

8x10                                                        $30.00                      +$10.00

11X14                                                       $40.00                      +$20.00

16x20                                                       $80.00                      +$20.00

20x24                                                     $120.00                    +$25.00

For print sizes larger than 20x24 or sizes not listed, please call for a custom quote.


Paper Options

Harman Baryta Gloss Fiber (in both neutral and warm tones)

Epson Hot Press Bright

Epson Lustre RC

Epson Glossy RC